donderdag 27 juli 2017

Eddie Calvert & Orch Norie Paramor - Mystery street (Columbia DB 3337 mtx CA 22614)

Albert Edward "Eddie" Calvert (15 March 1922 – 7 August 1978) was an English trumpeter, who enjoyed his greatest successes in the 1950s. Calvert had his first United Kingdom, number one instrumental single in 1954, with "Oh Mein Papa.

Calvert's style was unusually individualistic, and he became a familiar musician on BBC Radio and TV during the 1950s. He first recorded for Melodisc, ca 1949–1951 before he started to record for the Columbia label and his records included two UK number ones, "Oh Mein Papa" and, more than a year later, "Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White". He was the first British instrumentalist to achieve two number ones. "Oh Mein Papa" which also sold well in the United States, topped the UK Singles Chart for nine weeks (then a UK chart record), and he received the first gold disc awarded for a UK instrumental track.

Eddie Calvert & Orch Norie Paramor - Mystery street (It's the flipside of Oh, mein Papa)


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