dinsdag 6 juni 2017

Rudolf Schock - Rose wiess, Rose rot (HMV EG 8157 mtx ORA 7625) (78rpm)

Rudolf Johann Schock (4 September 1915 – 13 November 1986) was a German tenor.
Rudolf Schock was born in Duisburg, in the Prussian Rhine Province. He sang a wide repertoire from operetta to Lohengrin, recording among others opera and lieder, doing television, radio and film work. Slim and handsome, he made many films.
His voice fell almost into the heldentenor fach but was smaller and more ardent than many voices in that category. Colored distinctly with a rich baritonal quality, Schock is described by Grove as a "lyric tenor" with a warm flexible voice, and a "strong top voice" which suited him to "heroic roles". However the same source feels that his acting left something to be desired.

Rudolf Schock - Rose wiess, Rose rot

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