woensdag 25 april 2018

Quartetto Cetra - Aveva un bavero (1954) (Cetra DC 5974 mtx A 10782) (78rpm)

The Quartetto Cetra was an Italian vocal quartet , active since the forties and formed by Felice Chiusano (Fondi, 1922 - Milan, 1990), Giovanni "Tata" Giacobetti (Rome, 1922 - Rome, 1988), Lucia Mannucci (Bologna, 1920 - Milan, 2012) and Antonio Virgilio Savona (Palermo, 1919 - Milan, 2009).

Characterized by remarkable vocal skills evident in the harmonization of the songs and texts often humorous but always in good taste, they have been one of the most long-lived Italian musical groups.

Quartetto Cetra - Aveva un bavero (Helma & Selma - Ik heb mooie tulpen)

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