donderdag 3 mei 2018

Florrie Forde - The barmaid's song (June 1930) (Edison Bell Radio 1368 mtx 89828) (78rpm) (Re-post by request)

Florrie Forde (16 August 1875 – 18 April 1940[1]), born Flora May Augusta Flannagan, was an Australian popular singer and entertainer. She was one of the greatest stars of the early 20th century music hall.

Forde was born in Fitzroy, Melbourne, Australia in 1875. She was the sixth of the eight children of Lott Flannagan and Phoebe, who also had two children from a prior marriage. At the age of sixteen, she ran away from home to appear on the Sydney music hall stage, adopting the surname of her stepfather, Thomas Ford, adding an 'e'. At the age of 21, in 1897, she left for London, and on August Bank Holiday 1897, she made her first appearances in London at three music halls – the South London Palace, the Pavilion and the Oxford – in the course of one evening. She became an immediate star, making the first of her many sound recordings in 1903 and making 700 individual recordings by 1936.
Florrie Forde - The barmaid's song

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