woensdag 25 april 2018

Charlie Kunz - Piano medley No D. 94 Part 2 (Decca M 32833 mtx DR. 14475) (78rpm)

Charlie Kunz, an American-born jazz band leader and pianist, reached the height of his career in England. He was the highest paid pianist in the world and broadcast frequently, made hundreds of records and was top of the bill at music halls throughout the British Isles.
Charles Leonard Kunz was born in Allentown, Pennsylvania, in 1896. His family was of Austrian origin. In his youth he played the organ in a Catholic church and conducted a band of his contemporaries.

In 1922 Charlie came to England with his band. The band returned, but Charlie remained and formed another. This played at various London clubs and restaurants.
As a band leader, he recorded on Sterno (made by Homophone at stonebridge Park) and Rex. As a pianist, mostly medleys of popular tunes on Decca. Complation albums are still popular today.

Charlie Kunz - Piano medley No D. 94 Part 2

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